Accounting, Tax and Business Consultants

Security and Confidentiality of Data and Information

Security and confidentiality are of great importance to our company. To this end, we know it is one of the most important factors for consulting services companies. We are committed to ensuring the security, confidentiality and protection of any information provided to us by our clients in accordance with our strict internal standards and procedures.

We guarantee that information about our client company will not be provided to any third parties unless required by law or on the direction of our client. The information contained in the documents of your company is accessible only by an employee overseeing your business and you. Our authorized employees will see only information that our clients decide to share and that is required for conducting their work. Any transmission of information would be agreed with the management of our client’s company.

The standard contract for the provision of our services also contains confidentiality and security guarantees. In addition, each of our employees signs an employment contract which contains the requirement of maintaining the confidentiality of our client information.

We take reasonable steps to protect client information we hold from misuse, loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Therefore, all privacy and security issues, as well as any other points that interest you, can be discussed prior to signing a contract and included in the contract itself.